Children's Illustrations, cartoons and 3D animations Edit


Started in [1]2005, Island Cartoons creates children’s illustrations, cartoons, character designs and animations, with extensive expertise in 3D.

Their range of creative services include:

  • Children’s illustrations[2]
  • 3D animation[3]
  • Character design
  • Cartoons[4]
  • Watercolours, drawings and sketches

Jon Ireland is the Creative Director of Island Cartoons. He is an experienced illustrator and award winning animator, well experienced in 3D modelling, rigging, lighting and rendering. Outside of creating cartoons and illustrations, Jon is a 3D visualiser[5] and graphic designer[6].

Styles of illustration Edit

Island Cartoons provide a variety of styles of illustrations[7] for books, adverts or articles. The type of illustration used will depend on budget and client preference. Styles include:

  • loose pencil sketches
  • vector illustrations
  • pen and ink (watercolour)
  • Detailed illustrations and mixed media
  • 3D images

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